Other Projects

The Mechanisms may be dead, but the minds behind them live on.


Jonny “D’Ville” Sims writes the unsettling and award winning horror fiction anthology podcast “The Magnus Archives”, and also plays the narrator “Jonathan Sims” (sounds familiar…) You can find it here if you need more of more of his terrifying imagination and storytelling. Follow him on twitter @jonnywaistcoat for all his exploits.


The Toy Soldier as Jessica Law has an impressive discography which can be found here on bandcamp and all your favourite streaming services. Follow her on twitter, facebook, or sign up to her mailing list to keep up to date with her latest madcap schemes. Her newest project is musical storytelling concept album based on the bizarre Italian epic poem Orlando Furioso – get a taste here. 


Kofi Young still has stories to tell, beginning with a final farewell to Marius. Keep an eye out for Kofi’s upcoming album, working title “The Death of Byron von Raum.” It’s a potentially dangerous blend of Folk rock and Mecha anime. Until then, check out his song “Shrove Tuesday” on Bandcamp


“Gunpowder” Tim Ledsam makes music with the most musical software company Softwire along with our very own Drumbot – find them on Spotify or Bandcamp. The duo also have an album in the pipeline tentatively titled “Wizards, Wizards, Wizards”, and have an as-yet unnamed band in the works with some non-crew members.


The ever prolific Drumbot Ben Below has written a song a week without without missing a beat since 2016. Listen to them on Bandcamp and you might hear some other Mechanisms pop up too. And not limiting himself to just one timespan, he also wrote an album in a month as part of a similar, but entirely different, songwriting challenge – which can be found on streaming services. And if you were ever curious about the Drumbot’s infamous morality switch then more will be revealed in his upcoming album, working title “The Wanderings of Drumbot Brian”


Raphaella La Cognizi and the Drumbot have teamed up to release an album in the genre of “sad robot” which can be found on their bandcamp. R L Cognizi/Hughes also has more sci-fi concept music to share with her album “Lolina: Origins” with all your favourite Mechanisms collaborators. If you follow her facebook some news is rumoured to arrive shortly of a new album that is shockingly not set in space. And if you’re interested in her day job supporting the next generation of LGBTIQA+ young musicians in Oxford, the birthplace of The Mechanisms, find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/mynormaloxford/ and throw some money to the noble cause if you like here: http://www.ark-t.org/welcome-to-the-ark-t-centre/support-us/supporting-the-ark-t/