Past Events

Past Events

January 18-19th 2020 Death To The Mechanisms @ Nambucca, London

July 23rd 2016 The Bifrost Incident @ The Good Ship, Kilburn

August 12th 2016 Nine Worlds Convention @ Hammersmith, London

August 8th-15th 2015 Once Upon a Time (in Space) @ Chalky’s Cheeseroom, Edinburgh Fringe, 6.20pm. Excluding Wednesday 12th.

August 16th-22nd 2015 Ulysses Dies at Dawn @ Chalky’s Cheeseroom, Edinburgh Fringe, 6.20pm. Excluding Wednesday 19th.

August 23rd-29th 2015 High Noon Over Camelot @ Chalky’s Cheeseroom, Edinburgh Fringe, 6.20pm. Excluding Wednesday 26th.

May 16th 2015 The Mechanisms & Pocketwatch @ the Dogstar, Brixton, 7pm.

September 11th 2014 CN Lester, The Indelicates & The Mechanisms @ Rhythm Factory, London.

August 10th-23rd 2014 High Noon Over Camelot @ WhyNot?, Edinburgh Fringe, 1.45pm. Excluding Tuesday 19th only.

August 8th 2014 Nine Worlds Convention @ Heathrow, London, 6.30pm.

June 20th 2014 High Noon Over Camelot @ The O2 Academy, Oxford, 6pm.

April 5th 2014 With CN Lester @ The Art Bar, Oxford

February 15th 2014 High Noon Over Camelot @ The Art Bar, Oxford, 7pm.

November 10th 2013 Deep Space Mechanisms Nine @ The Cellar, Oxford, 7pm.

October 29th 2013 Hallowe’en with Polar Patterns @ The Cellar, Oxford, 7.30pm.

October 10th 2013 Flea Circus @ the Dogstar, Brixton, 7.30pm.

September 14th 2013 The Asylum @ The Venue, Lincoln, 7.30pm.

September 6th 2013 The Mechanisms, CN Lester & The Indelicates @ Power Lunches, London, 8pm.

August 3rd-24th 2013 Ulysses Dies at Dawn @ WhyNot?, Edinburgh Fringe, 5.30pm. Not Wednesdays; double bill on Mondays starting at 4.15pm.

June 18th 2013 The Mechanisms & The Indelicates @ The Cellar, Oxford, 7.30pm.

May 11th 2013 Mertonbury @ Merton College, Oxford, 5.20pm.

April 25th 2013 Twilight Takeover @ Pitt Rivers Musuem, Oxford, 7pm.

April 13th 2013 It’s All About the Music Presents… @ The Cellar, Oxford, 7pm.

March 22nd 2013 The Equinox Troubadours and Troubairitz @ The Isis Tavern, Oxford, 8.30pm.

March 2nd 2013 Nine Worlds Party @ Waldo Works, London, 9pm.