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Once Upon a Time (in Space)
Old King Cole
“The Twins”
Rose Red
“Snow’s Flight”
Pump Shanty
“The Bride”
Cinders’ Song
“The Resistance Grows”
Our Boy Jack
“The Aurora Strikes”
Sleeping Beauty
No Happy Ending
“Chapter the Last”
Laid In Blood

Ulysses Dies at Dawn
“The City”
Broken Horses
My Name is Noone
“Trial by Wits”
Riddle of the Sphinx
“Ulysses’ Will”
“Trial by Strength”
Favoured Son
“Loose Threads”
Trial by Song
Underworld Blues
“Trial by love”
Ties that Bind
“The Daedalia”
Torn Suits
Elysian Fields

High Noon Over Camelot
“The Tower”
Gunfight at the Dolorous Guard
Empty Trail
The Hanged Man Rusts
“The Hierophant”
“The Lovers”
Blood and Whiskey
“The Fool”
Skin and Bone
“The Hermit”
Holder of the Grail
Once And Future King

One-Eyed Jacks (Jonny d’Ville)
Cyberian Demons (Nastya Rasputina)
Lucky Sevens (Ashes O’Reilly)
Gunpowder Tim Vs. The Moonkaiser (Gunpowder Tim)
The Recruiter’s Song
Gassed Last Night
The Toy Soldier’s Song
Tim Goes Crazy
Teatime With The Kaiser
Indistinguishable From Magic (Drumbot Brian)
Lost In The Cosmos

Tales to be Told (Introduction)
What shall we do with a Drunk Space-Pirate?
The Ballad o’ Lil Lemon
Lotus Eaters