The Hanged Man Rusts

Gawain, I know you fear the underworld
Hate the ghouls that live in its thunder
That hunger for carrion torn asunder
By blades that glint in the dark
But hear me when I tell you straight, your
Hate’s misplaced, it’s baseless and savage.
The danger’s your loathing, provoking their fear and
Their violence directed at you.

I hear what you say and I’m listening,
But hanged man your words make no sense
If you’ve looked in their eyes, you’ll have seen it
Barbarity pure and intense
I’d love to sit down and to parley
But there’s no way to teach them to serve
A bullet is all they deserve

Arthur, my sheriff, I’ve news to cheer you
Your son yet lives, he’s drawing near you.
And saved by those they blamed through fear
Now he’s grown up into a man.
You lived, and grieved you’d ne’er again see him,
But still he came though feeling deceiving,
So recognise, embrace and believe him.
And you may yet save your world.

Hanged man, your prophecy’s groundless
I have no son, dead or alive
It’s true that I once had a daughter
But she fell to barbarian knives.
I have all those I trust around me
This world’s hard and I must be too.
There’s none of that trust left for you.

Deep within the depths of the station
You’d find the key that brings your salvation
Ornate and hidden past pain and privation
It’s clutched in the Captain’s cold hands
But take your seat, the one that they warn you from
Galahad, be strong, its visions
May overwhelm but they won’t steer you wrong.
Follow them through to your fate.

Well son that’s a hell of a story,
But hanged man I’m glad ya choose me.
I know what’s its like when those bastards
Just can’t see.
I won’t forget what you told me
I’ll do what I need
If there’s any hope it’ll save us
We might be freed
From the heat
From the violence
From the hatred in their hearts