Please select a story from the list below to uncover more of The Mechanisms’ sordid pasts.


Breakup In which Nastya and Aurora fall out.
The Story of the Toy Soldier In which the Toy Soldier’s history is explained.
Who Killed Dr Carmilla? In which various speculations are made.
Interview Transcript 34/08/7012 In which the police fail to contain Jonny d’Ville.
Archive Footage In which Ivy sleeps, and wakes up.
Octokittens In which Octokittens are explained.
Feeding the Octokittens In which Octokittens are fed.
Tales of the Blogbot In which the Blogbot remains unexplained.
How the Aurora was Won In which Jonny wins a game.
A Bedtime Story In which Nastya falls asleep.
Ghost in the Machine In which Aurora is haunted by her past.
Out In which the Aurora is no more and Nastya goes out.
Cyberian Sequence
Drive The Cold Winter Away In which Nastya abandons ship.
Nomadic Spacers In which doom came to Cyberia.
Cyberian Demons In which Nastya remembers.


Gingerbread A story of Hansel & Gretel.
Midnight A story of Cinders.
Mirror, Mirror A story of General White and the Resistance. {LISTEN}
A Fireside Chat A story by Scheherazade.
A Rebel Yell A story by Tom Thumb. {LISTEN}
Chapter’s End A story of Jack and the fall of Outpost Rapunzel.
By Any Other Name A story of the Briar Rose and her creation.
This Little Piggy A story of Gepetto and the Three Little Pigs.
What Big Eyes A story of the Red Hood and those hunting her.
In the Army A story of the Rose Reds and the Toy Soldier.
True Love A story of Colonel Belle and her husband Adam.
One Thousand and Two A story of Scheherazade and her end.
Ever After An Epilogue.


You’ll Have To Tell Us The Story Sometime A Prologue.
Death in the Metropolis An introduction to the City.
How Not to Die Regarding those who would shirk their duty to the Acheron.
FAO: Hermes – not urgent Suspicious behaviour among staff at The Oracle.
Orpheus, Dionysus, Muriatic Acid and the Strange Whirring Thing As described.
Orpheus and Narcissus go to the Seaside Also as described.
In the Madness of War Desperate times call for desperate measures.
The Hacker’s Mistake The truth of Prometheus the Ilian hero is revealed.
One Of The Chosen A young academic is offered a place in a prestigious establishment.
Eskhatos An Epilogue.


The Fastest Shot A tale of Guinevere.
The Sharpest Aim A tale of Lancelot.
I Will Rule This Town A tale of Arthur.
The Wake A tale of Mordred.
Pellinore and the Beast A broadside ballad.


The Prisoner Of Dorian Gray