“Ostensibly folk, but folk run over with a steam-powered bus driven by Homer”The Ocelot

The Mechanisms were created by Dr Carmilla to form her backing band in late 2010. When the doctor decided to concentrate on her solo work, they threw her out of an airlock and struck out on their own. They work mainly from their homeport of Oxford, but since 2012 they’ve also presented several well-received shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

With anything up to nine members playing more instruments than you can count, they re-work traditional songs and weave them into dark stories from possible futures. So far they have told of Snow White’s bloody rebellion against the villainous Old King Cole (“Once Upon a Time (in Space)”, 2012), of the fate of Ulysses, who built a Vault which contains a secret every Olympian in the City is afraid of (“Ulysses Dies at Dawn”, 2013), and of the struggles of the Pendragon Gang to impose order on Fort Galfridian (“High Noon Over Camelot”, 2014).

Their shows are noted for being less violent, yet even more fun than advertised.

“Great loves and great battles zip by in spectacular set-pieces set to rousing rounds and shanties and encrusted with nice throwaway details”Time Out

“If you say you’re part of a 7-piece steampunk space pirate band, you better have some serious wares on offer. We’re very glad they did.” – The Ocelot

“Ruckus was had, disdain for humankind was entertained, and a massive applause followed. This was an utterly spellbinding performance — not to be missed!” – edfringe review

“Powerful, gripping, and at times humorous, their uniquely twisted brand of space-folk ran the gamut between pathos and fury and at one point had audience members up dancing and stamping.” – The Cutlery Drawer

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the Mechanisms’ activities, the best way is to sign up to our mailing list – just send us a mail to that effect at andthemechanisms@gmail.com. The rest of our web presence is accessible from here.