Blood and Whiskey

Oh my loves, raise a glass to those we leave behind
We may end up dead, with a bullet in the head
But if we’re not returning from this damn fool quest
Tonight we drown our sorrows down with whiskey

Guinevere you’re my stars, Arthur you’re my night
I know we’ve got to ride at the dawns first light
And I ain’t saying this preacher man’s crusade ain’t right
But first we fuel a few more sins with whiskey

Lancelot, you’re a fool to drain your bottle dry
Whiskey kills your fear, and you need hold it near
‘Cause I don’t know what is out there but we need that GRAIL
And I love you, but you stink to hell of whiskey

Galahad is crazy but you’ve felt this heat
And the only explanation comes from his damn seat
So with you and Guinevere I know we won’t be beat
But we might as well have one last shot of whiskey

Drain your glass, strap your piece, for my loves we ride
Empty miles of steel fall away below our wheels
As we leave a trail of bodies of the folks we’ve slain
And the camps we raid for gasoline and whiskey

Maybe it’s the heat or maybe it’s the pain,
But I can’t shake the feeling we’re not coming back again
We’re not pure of heart, but we’re sure of aim
And our heads are full of love and blood and whiskey.

There’s a dream that I get when I look out west
Of a golden age and the world’s wrongs all redressed
But I wake to find there’s nothing here but fear and death
And between the two there’s only blood and whisky.

Quit your whinging Arthur or that wound won’t heal
And the vultures that are circling will get their meal

We can mourn our dead later until then don’t feel
Just clean the wound with bloody rags and whiskey