Once and Future King

A broken man lies in the rust that’s stained his whole life through
The blood that pools beneath him doesn’t change the metal’s hue
Like rain fall long forgotten Mordred’s tears in his wounds do sting
To Arthur in his arms he sings, you’re the Once and Future King.

Galahad’s blind faith, Gawain’s blind hate could overcome his might
His lovers’ eyes he last saw gleam in the pin of his gunsight
From the wastes his child came bringing revelations of all things
Arthur didn’t see, and now he’ll be, the Once and Future King.

Loved only by a woman whom he’d been taught to despise
Mordred’s gift to Arthur could be love in his own eyes
Fating him alone to keep the life to which he clings
He sends him out, into the dark, the Once and Future King.

A kiss upon his forehead binds at last his son’s goodbye
Just one more shot will send him out into the endless sky
Here at the end of history, as the final high noon rings
Mordred sits and waits without the Once and Future King

Faster now and faster in the sun the Station sets
Its people damned, doomed by a man who’s lost all his regrets
Yet as the station burns above a second star’s shining
While his world it dies, he’s left alive, the Once and Future King

We could have saved them all
And yet you could not see
And now you’ll always be
The Once and Future King

The key was in our hands

I fought to save your dream

I fought to gain your love