Oh, Peacemaker, where you gonna run to?
Oh, Peacemaker, are these your friends?
Oh, Peacemaker, what you gonna do now?
Is this your end?

Oh, Peacemaker, nowhere left to hide now.
Oh, Peacemaker, you have failed.
Oh, Peacemaker, draw your gun now.
End your tale.

No path past hatred’s stain
I see that hope for unity made me a fool
Corpses leer round Gawain
Tell me dear brother is this how you’ll rule?

“So Mordred fought, seeing in each slain saxon the face of she who saved him. And as his cheeks grew warm with tears and Saxon blood, so too his heart grew cold.”

Oh Warmonger, is this what you wanted?
Oh Warmonger, it’s this all you know?
Oh Warmonger, is your world so empty?
Just friend or foe?

Oh, Warmonger, see ’em flee before you.
Oh, Warmonger, watch them fall.
Oh, Warmonger, their flowing blood implores you:
Heed its call.

Now at last free of fear
My vision blurs with crimson, but I finally see
Hold brutality near
And release the coiled violence that’s inside of me

“So Gawain fought, hearing through it all the shrill keening a vicious laughter. And as his fear bled from his pistol’s mouth, he knew the laugh was his own.”

There’s nothing left to say/The air is filled with screams
We’re rotten to the core/Before I treated battle like it was a toy
And I will make them pay/But not in my darkest dreams
For making me believe there’s more/Could I have ever touched this savage joy
…where will you run to?
…where will you run to?
…where will you run to?