“When Gawain finally returned with a posse of Arthur’s knights, he found the caravan dead. Whether by the heat or by vengeful knives, it made no difference, the half-eaten state of them named the culprit: a ghoul raiding party. And on that day Gawain conceived a monstrous hate.
All, however, failed to notice that Arthur’s child was not among the slain, for the band had taken pity upon the helpless young Morgause and saved her. From that day, she lived among the ghouls, who called themselves Saxons, after the seax knives they carried. Years passed, and the child grew from the girl Morgause into a sharp young man who chose his name as Mordred.
When he was grown, young Mordred left his Saxon family and the adopted mother who took pity upon him, to find more out more of where he came from. He travelled to Camelot, and there became trusted of the Pendragons. Mordred knew Arthur as his father, but alas the aging gunfighter did not recognise his son. And so the years passed, and the oppressive heat steadily grew.
Aside from the great round table and the fierce-looking seat at its head, there was one other artifact that had been in Camelot since before history: the Hanged Man. Wrought in copper and wire, no-one could remember why it had been hung from the gallows, but it had always been there. The name “BRIAN” was engraved on its chest, but time had worn most of it away and what could still be made out was read by the townsfolk as “MERLIN”.
Merlin was paid no mind, until one day it started to speak. It spoke to Gawain. It spoke to Arthur. And it spoke to a wandering preacher-man by the name of Galahad.”