Sleeping Beauty

Trapped within the warmth and the darkness, from the waking world I was torn
Never leaving dreamless slumber, in a mind that broken and worn
Guarded by uncounted ready guns and blades
Sharper than a barrier of thorns

Once, out in the sky I was happy, faintly I remember the sun
Soaring through the dawn and it brightness, battle, beauty, both had I won
Then a flash of pain as the metal pierces flesh
And all at once my roaming was done

Wires through my veins and tendons, keeping safe my hateful old lord
Protecting his infernal defence grid, unwillingly my lifeblood is poured
I once heard tell a kiss could wake me
But I hope my prince will bring me a sword

Take Aurora in gently, Nastya, let’s see what these Rosies can do
Gotta say I’m in the mood for violence and I reckon you might be too
Let’s get this party started the only way we know
Gunfire and explosions, that’s our cue.

Fire ‘til your guns are empty, ‘til your ammunition runs dry
If you’re finished playing at soldiers you might have noticed we cannot die
I suggest you beat a fucking tactical retreat
Or we’ll let slip the dogs of war and havoc cry

Jonny: Is that her? How do we wake her up?
Nastya: You could try kissing her.
Jonny: I’m not going to kiss a sleeping stranger, Nastya. That would be really fucking creepy.
Nastya: Or you could shoot the machines until it shuts down.
Jonny: That’s better. *gunshots* Huh, guess that did the trick.

Here within the central chamber, circled by the dead, Beauty sleeps,
Inching ever closer to freedom, there beyond the glass, still she weeps
I wonder what surprises the waking world will hold
As gradually consciousness creeps.