Holder of the GRAIL

I set foot upon my station and pride swells inside my chest
Upon my coat there hangs a newly minted Captain’s crest
Then the General who came with me says “My lad you must not fail,
We entrust a lot of power to the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.
From the air that we are breathing to the lights and solar sail
All the systems stand at your command: the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.”

It has been a month now since the General’s shuttle never came
On the commlink theres just static, every colony the same.
I have sent some crew to get help on the ship we use for mail,
For I must keep up their spirits as the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.
We still don’t know what has happened, but I know we must prevail,
I will do my best to lead them as the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.

It’s now been almost a decade since all contact first was lost
And the General’s iron rule has brought on us a heavy cost.
She comes up while I am fishing, and says “Son, don’t look so pale.
But the engineers have mutinied, and you still hold the G.R.A.I.L.
Even here in hydroponics, well, the air is smelling stale.
So I order you to take it from them, holder of the G.R.A.I.L.

I’m now locked inside my Cabin, and outside there’s only death
I still hear the General curse me with her choking final breath
If it’s truly just this station to which now we are curtailed
Then the power of a god is with the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.
Behind my door they are still coming, for I hear the turrets’ wail
And I must sleep forever as the holder of the G.R.A.I.L.