Skin and Bone

My friends down here I return to you
In the light I did what I went to do
With my father’s power for peace I sue
And in the sun there’s room for you

Skin and bone, you alone
Don’t hate what you now see
Though starving fools cry Saxon ghouls
In the darkness we run free

What care we for your light and sun
In the dark we see, in the black we run
We use a knife, they use a gun
And each will kill the other one


I beg you now this war to cease
They seek the GRAIL in the depths beneath
Air and water, shelter and feast
We can share with you if there is peace


What care we for your wealth and GRAIL
With a sharpened tooth and a jagged nail
We’ve no use for your fairy tale
Your childish quest is doomed to fail


We can live without this constant death is all they know
I’ll defend you to my dying breath is cheap here below
Please believe me there’s not much time left us but now you show
I’ll show you peace, then we will try
We’ll walk beneath the rusted sky