Empty Trail

Keep on riding for our newfound home
Road keeps winding where’er we may roam
Gotta keep on riding, to rest our weary bones

Sun keeps fading, night is gonna fall
Stops it’s blazing, darkness covers all
When the night time falls we’ll camp here till the morn

Bike is broken, wagon can’t be towed
Drop some weight to lighten up our load
Push ahead now, the going gon’ be slow

Axle cracked, the wheel won’t turn no more
No spares packed, and no repairs in store
Wheel don’t turn, devil knockin’ at our door

Gawain, go out and drive into the rust
Bring back help from someone we can trust
If he don’t come back, there ain’t no hope for us

Sun is blazing, throat is awful dry
No sign of fading, left down here to fry
No solace from the unrelenting sky
No-one’s coming, we’re all gonna die