“The Lovers”

Not all of Galahad’s brain-fried revelations were fire and brimstone. The station had also revealed to the padre the existence of a key which could return to them control of all its systems, including engines that could move it away from its fiery fate. He now knew that the Galfridian Restricted Access Interface Login, or GRAIL, was located in the old Captain’s cabin, well hidden, several levels and many days travel away.
Preparations were made to ride. Did they believe Galahad? Maybe not, but he was very persuasive, and if he was right, they couldn’t afford not to act.
The three Pendragons were to lead the posse, with Mordred and Gawain left in charge of Camelot. Arthur’s first thought was to leave Mordred in charge alone, but the young man had always been reluctant to draw his piece and did not relish violence. His unknowing father had long mistaken this for weakness and, unfortunately, left Gawain alongside him.
That evening, the GRAIL posse drank the night away in the Joyous Gard, the town saloon, before they rode into the wastes to chase Galahad’s prophecy.