Cyberian Demons

(n.b. Since this is one of our older songs, composed in a bygone era when Dr Carmilla still flew with her creations, it has not yet been played by the current lineup, and moreover is in need of revision to fit the updated canon. However, it was once one of our best songs, and will be revived in the not too distant future, and thus here it is in draft form until that future should come.)

Alyosha: Anastasia, Come away from the window. Why do you look so sad?
Anastasia: I’m lonely. I may not mix with anyone below my station, but anyone of my station has not time for me. But there is tell of a movement that will make everyone of an equal level — a revolution…
Alyosha: Say nothing more of that! There is nothing to be done. You must simply resolve to be a better leader than your father. Look! Your tutor has come.

Oh, Anastasia
Your people need you to hear their cry
You’re a butterfly in a glass cage
But even butterflies can cause hurricanes
The Demons of your past can be driven from this abattoir
When the time goes I shan’t be far

Oh Anastasia
Accept the destiny of your blood
I see in you the Demon’s eyes
There is no road to paradise
Come away from the window, Anastasia.

(chanting:) RABOTNIK YENIN

Tsar: What is this madness? Commander! On my command, delete every tenth protester. That should break up the rabble.
Anastasia; But father! What are you doing?
Tsar: There are too many of them, my daughter! Our army will not finish downloading from the far reaches of the Setka for another few hours. If they should choose to rush the palace, we would be powerless against them.
Anastasia objects.
Tsar: Very well. Commander, cancel my last order. Let them protest in peace. And God help them.
Anastasia: Thank you father. You won’t regret this.

But the peaceful crowd turns violent and storms the palace. Alyosha tries to get Anastasia to hide, but is killed by the Tutor.
The Tutor explains that the old regime must die, there can be none left alive if a new equality is to have any meaning. But they can find her a comfortable spot on the wall.

Oh, Anastasia
Your people are coming for you now
The palace gates are lost and your parents are in rebel hands
Your past is burning down

Epilogue: Aboard the Aurora.