The Pendragons knew none of this, as they activated the lifepod. The Captain opened his eyes, and maybe began to speak as the long sleep wore off. The three Pendragons raised their guns and shot him dead.
They took the GRAIL, and placed it in the pedestal in front of the lifepod. All at once, with a whir of ancient machinery, the pedestal rose through the station until the three of them found themselves in the centre of the round table, in the town hall of Camelot. From the console, a crackling voice spoke.
“Please designate Captain for final authorisation”
It was only then they realised that there could only be a single Captain, with total control of the GRAIL. Though Arthur was perhaps foremost, they has always ruled as three, their ambitions held in check. They found they had spread around the pedestal, and their hands had moved over their guns.
Outside, oblivious to this, in the scorching heat of midday, the rest of Camelot stood on the nearby Camlann wastes, to meet to Saxon delegation. On that field, two hundred Saxons and twice that of townsfolk looked each other in the eyes for perhaps the first time. Mordred walked to them and there, before them all, offered a hand of friendship.
He did not see the scorpion that crawled near them, nor the ghoul who drew her Seax to slay it. He did, however, hear the shot Gawain fired when he saw the drawn weapon. And then death and battle was all that he heard.