One-Eyed Jacks

“Ante up, gentlemen, the game is New Texas Hold ’em. Here at One-Eyed Jack’s we only play with 52 cards, no jokers, but suicide kings are wild.”

Welcome to the house, my boy, come in, sit, have a cigar
I hear that you’re a dab hand at the cards
It’s always a pleasure to see Billy Vangelis’ boy
I trust you’ll give your daddy my regards

Now, it’s about you father that I want to speak to you
You see he’s got himself a little debt
I thought that you might help him out by doing a few jobs for me
Nothing all that new to you, I’ll bet

Tell me, how would you feel about killing a few folk
I know that your hands are already red
Don’t worry, no-one real important and no-one who would be missed
You’ll barely even notice that they’re dead

“Alright Jack, I reckon I can do that for you.”


So when, at last, my father fell
With a bullet through his spine
The hand that held onto that smoking gun
And pulled the trigger was mine

As he lay there, dying on the floor
He whispered ‘I forgive you, son
Ain’t no other way that our story could end
No other way our race could be run’


Welcome back again, I hope it wasn’t too distasteful
You’ll see that in the end it’s for the best
You’ll be needing a new father, I thought I might fit the bill
Take my hand, dear Jonny, have a rest

“Well, that’s very kind of you Jack and I know that in your heart you only ever did what you thought was best for me but, you see, I don’t think I need a father anymore. I’ve got a new friend, and she’s a doctor. She gave me an interesting prescription
\- what was it again? – oh yes, half an ounce of lead to be injected directly into the brain. And it wasn’t a prescription for me.”


I left the room devoid of life, no more of One-Eyed Jack
There’s nothing left to keep me here, no memories to pack
With half a can of kerosene and a match to set the tone
The building burned behind me and I’ll never go marching home

The bar it was the first to burn, it timbers went up well
The poker tables followed suit, that fire and brimstone smell
I took Doc Carmilla’s hand and we went forth to roam
The casino burned behind me and I’ll never go marching home

“No aces, deuces, spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs. No suicide kings, no one-eyed jacks. No royal flush, no dead man’s hand. And definitely no jokers.”