Lotus Eaters

We stopped to take on water
On a long laconic shore
Broken and defeated by the searing skies of war
When through the dusty darkness
We glimpsed a glowing flame
And soon the mild-eyed melancholy lotus eaters came
And they said…

Why the worry?
Watch the trees
They don’t have to toil to drop their fruit or shed their leaves
What’s to fight for?
All will fall
Mountains will crumble, time will claim the strongest city walls
After all…

You’re with the Lotus Eaters now
No need the worry how the world spins round
No need to keep your head out of the clouds
Why cling to hope of homeward bound?
‘Cause here we’ve all you need
The lotus leaves
Will send you on a slumber sweet and sound
So stick around

Stop! Wake up!
You’re dead behind the eyes!
We haven’t reached are home and there are battles still to fight!
What happened to the spark
That fear and fury would ignite?
I’ve lost you to the lotus and its languid little lies

Let us stay here
What will last?
Nothing but fractured fragments of a dark and dreadfall past
What’s to fight for?
All will fall

Better to make a stand than stranded with no hope at all
As they call…



World forgive me
I’m so tired
I searched inside me but the spark of fury had expired
It transpired…

I’m with the lotus eaters now
No need to worry now, though I’m not proud
Let others make the world keep spinning round
Forget the life you left behind
Before the lotus drive it from my mind
I write these words for followers to find
Don’t get entwined

You’ll lose your mind