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Ulysses Dies at Dawn: Live Debut

by The Mechanisms

The debut of Ulysses Dies at Dawn was, by all accounts, a great success.* The Mechanisms are deeply involved with experiments in gratitude, that they might thank you as you deserve. This is proving trying, but headway has been reported.

In the meantime, for those of you who could not make it and would like to know what the fuss is about, or for those of you who foolishly could make it and wish, for some unknown reason, to relive the experience, we have good news. A long-term Archivist/Stalker of ours was generous enough to record the incident on video. This may be seen here. In addition, our soundman Jimmy Hetherington made a sound recording of the whole gig. It was taken directly through the sound desk, so it’s very good quality. You can stream it from our Bandcamp.

So: if you wanted to know what you were letting yourselves in for, you may now find out.

*The Blogbot has never been seen off-ship, and thus cannot present a first hand opinion.

The Ballad o’ Lil Lemon

by The Mechanisms

The Gunner and the First Mate were floating around a bar one time. They picked up this little gem and insist on playing it whenever we’re on a planet where they understand words like “sixgun” and “horse”. If you’re on one such planet, we hope you enjoy it.

Music from Spaceport Mahon uploaded!

by The Mechanisms

Funny thing – it turns out that a heavy cruiser for the Quadrant Sigma Police Department was remotely monitoring and recording our little adventure on the Spaceport Mahon.

Anyway, long story short, the QSPD are down one heavy cruiser and we have some recordings of the gig, which we have chosen, in our infinite wisdom and generosity, to share with you.

Given the nature of live recording, they’re pretty raw and some of them came out better than others. That said, we’ve put the lot of them up, warts and all, and we’ll leave it to you, our discerning listener, to decide which are fit to grace your headphones.

Don’t get shot!

Rose Red (short version)

by The Mechanisms

In 4388AD, the despot king of New Constantinople took his finest soldier against her will and used her as the genetic base for his entire clone army. To date she has died approximately 1,450,000 times.

Rose Red

(This is a short version, but is available for free download. The longer version will be finished soon, and hopefully available for streaming no less soon. Please enjoy.)