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The Bifrost Incident Blog 2 – The Difficult Fourth Album

by The Mechanisms


Second Coming. Pinkerton. The Bends. Call it the second year blues, the sophomore slump, whatever you like, but it can be really difficult to produce a second album in the wake of a project you’ve given your all to. When you nail it, though…

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The Bifrost Incident Blog 1: 2016 Game Plan

by The Mechanisms

So, The Bifrost Incident, then. We’re all very excited about this one – there’s a lot of work still to be done, but it’s finally on the horizon. Hope you’re all looking forward to a new full-length tale – if you managed to make it out to the Oxford show the other night and caught the first couple of new songs, thanks so much for supporting us; you made it a great evening, as you always do. And if you couldn’t make it, worry not – there’ll be plenty more chances to catch us as 2016 goes on, and we plan on doing a live recording once the new set’s taken on a firmer shape – that way you won’t miss out even if you live overseas or can’t attend our shows!

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Broadcast #9

by The Mechanisms


As the weather grows wilder and the winds blow away any further ideas I had for alliteration, we have several suggestions for how to keep warm. They do not for the most part involve being set alight by Ashes, so they should be relatively safe.


We have two gigs coming up before Christmas! One is this very Tuesday, tomorrow, October 29th, supporting our old friends Polar Patterns at their Hallowe’en party. It’ll be in the Cellar, Oxford, from 8pm, £5 on the door, and costume and the general ability to have silly fun is advised.

Now, we know that that’s fairly short notice. But don’t worry, we’ll be hosting our own nearly-Hallowe’en gig on Sunday November 10th! It’ll also be held at the Cellar, Oxford, with doors opening at 7pm (again £5 on the door). We’ll be supported by our very own Jessica Law and another local folk many-piece, The Oh So Many. We’ll be playing UDaD alongside a selection of new songs, that it is guaranteed you will not have heard before, so do come along.

And since I’ve mentioned Jessica Law, you should probably be aware that she will again be terrorising the vicinity with her evil folk on December 6th, at the QUILTBAG Cabaret in Oxford.


These won’t keep you warm, unless you print them out and then burn them. This is not a suggestion. At any rate, tales from the City continue to gather on our website. This month we’ve uploaded an account of how Ulysses was persuaded to join the war effort through the actions of their friend Palomedes.

And that’s all for November. We’re at work finishing off the perks for UDaD’s Indiegogo campaign — a quick reminder, the deadline for it being certain that we’ll despatch the perks of your choice, if you have a choice, is Hallowe’en — so look out for a few new singles that may turn up on our Bandcamp soon.

And as the curtain begins to close on the City, another begins to open on the wastelands of Fort Galfridian. Join us on November 10th, and we can tell you more…

Watch the Skies.

~The Mechanisms

Broadcast #8

by The Mechanisms

Dearest stowaways, less dear stowaways, and those of you we’d sooner shoot than look at;

We thought we’d get a break from everything as we left the burning rubble of the Edinburgh Fringe in our wake once more and set out for the wastes of September. Ha. We’d be so lucky. The unforeseen returns of Ivy and Nastya from the depths of Aurora and the depths of space respectively were just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg was gigs, violence, stories, beginning to wrap up Ulysses Dies at Dawn and looking ahead to our next project – but strangely, no ice.


Thanks to all of you who came to see us either in London or the Asylum in Lincoln! We only have one gig coming up in the immediate future: we’ll be playing at the DOGSTAR in BRIXTON on THURSDAY OCTOBER 10TH. It’s the Flea Circus organised by Superbard, and we’ll be playing Once Upon a Time (in Space) alongside Superbard’s selection of some of the best acts of the Edinburgh Fringe this year. If that doesn’t entice you along then nothing will, you cold, uninterested zombie.

Also, heads up that we will be playing our usual Hallowe’en-ish gig in Oxford around November. (Someday we’ll actually hit Hallowe’en again. Someday.) We’ll announce dates, times, places and people when we know those kinds of niggly little details, but just so you know. You’ll want to be coming though. As ever, it’ll be the first chance to hear some new material – maybe a track or so from our next album…


The Littlest Libertine

In its normal (dis)guise of the Earthling, Jessica Law, the Toy Soldier has released its second EP, The Littlest Libertine, available on Bandcamp. As with its first EP, Rogue’s Gallery, it’s bizarre, and whimsical, probably hiding delightlfully unpleasant subject material under Jess’s ever-lovely vocals, and is rightfully described with the moniker “polite murder ballads”. Chances are that, if you’re the sort of person who’s reading this list, you’ll like Jess’s music too.

Incidentally, Jess will be launching her EP at the TRUCK STORE on COWLEY ROAD onOCTOBER 20TH at FIVE PM. Do join us (“us” being Jess and some other familiar miscreants) for a not illegal amount of pleasantly evil folk music.


Orpheus, Dionysus, Muriatic Acid and the Strange Whirring Thing

Lastly, we have some more information on the City and its unfortunate inhabitants to share with you. If you were at all intrigued by the sorry tale of the musician and addict Orpheus, then you can satisfy your own needs – for a while – with this short story.


That’s all for this month. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks to those who knew we’d rather shoot them and stayed out of sight. We appreciate the thought.

~The Mechanisms