Name: Aurora.

Classification: Cyberian Pallada-class Protected Cruiser (extensively modifed) / Arachnid “Voyager” Webship.

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Nastya Rasputina.

Operational History:

18097. Began construction Admiralty Shipyards, Cyberia.
19017. Mutinied. Participated October Revolution. Captured by persons unknown, presumed destroyed.
19202. Unconfirmed sighting Malone in presence of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Rasputina.
21103. Confirmed sighting Bibliotheca Magna.
22329. Unconfirmed sighting Cole Dominion during civil war.
24105. Designated Hero of Revolution. Retrieval a revolutionary priority, bounty for recapture set at R1,000,000.