DrumBot Brian

20120529-083859 PM.jpg

Name: DrumBot Brian [?]

Position: Pilot.

Instrument: Percussion. Accordion. Banjo

Mechanism: All but the heart.


Brian crashes onto primitive settlement on distant planet with no memory of past life. He begins work as a scientist, to mixed responses, from those who believe he is doing good for the people, to the religious sorts that believe he is messing with things best left for deities – lead by a strong spoken priest. Brian works out how to use his mechanical prowess to revive the deceased, but hesitates to put it to use. The priest falls fatally ill, and his daughter brings him to Brian as a last resort, who revivifies him. Being brought back using the very technology he resents is the last straw for the priest, who leads an angry mob against Brian, resulting in them strapping him to one of his own machines and blasting him into space, to his death.

However, this is where Dr. Carmilla stepped in. As blood retreated from his extremities to protect his vital organs from the icy touch of hypothermia, she picked him up when all that remained functioning was the heart, and rebuilt him as a Mechanism, largely using technology reminiscent of that he himself had been using. Highly amused by the moral ambiguity of the events leading to his supposed demise – where both Brian and the priest believed themselves to have the moral high ground, she rebuilt Brian with a slight modification – an inbuilt morality core, with two settings. They can be crudely approximated to “Means Justify Ends”, wherein Brian will not commit deeds he believes morally wrong, and “Ends Justify Means”, where he will happily commit all kinds of atrocities as long as he believes it’s for the greater good.

The rest of the crew prefer the second one.