Ivy Alexandria

20120529-084218 PM.jpg

Name: Ivy Alexandria

Position: Archivist

Instruments: Flute, Trumpet, Euphonium, Recorder

Original Name: No data.

Date of birth: no data.

– for her birthday every year, she was given a book. She lived her life surrounded by books, but a book of her own was another matter. She kept them all in a carefully separated pile, in the nest of blankets she slept in, in a cubby-hole made in the corner between two long bookcases –

Place of birth: no data.

– she was born in the library, grew up there, climbing bookshelves as other children might trees, reading cross-legged on top of them, or curled under a desk, or in a chair, or leaning against a shelf. Books were her companions, her friends, her lovers –

Date of joining crew: no data.

– there was sudden pain, and confusion, and fear, and in the dark she felt hands on her, and the pain swelled to swallow her, and then there was darkness and she did not remember. –

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