Jonny d’Ville

20120529-083707 PM.jpg

Name: Jonny d’Ville.

Position: First Mate.

Instrument: Vox, harmonica.

Mechanism: Heart.

Date of Birth: Piss off, Ivy, I’ve almost drunk myself to death and you give me a headache.

Date of Joining Crew: Seriously? Fine. I was born a few hundred years ago on New Texas. Don’t bother looking for it, I made it up. I think. It’s the story, though, and that’s what matters. Standard ne’erdowell youth: cards, whiskey, women and murder. I’m told I had a good heart, but the Doc dealt with that after the whole patricide thing.

Criminal Record: You’re joking, right? Hell, if you were a hedonistic sadist with a six-gun, immortality and a sense of humour, what would you do? In this case, the correct answer is “shoot the nosy archivist right in her card index”. Now fuck off.