by duckwhatduck

We have some nice little (and not so little) treats in store for anyone willing to help us get the funds together to make an album.

(…and if you’re not so willing, well. We can always set Jonny on you.)

You wouldn’t want that, now, would you?

If you want to make a contribution, head over here. As for what you’ll get for your money:

£5 gets you a CD (that is what this is all about, after all)
£10 gets you that CD, signed
£15 gets you a personalized signed CD
£20 gets you a copy of the Toy Soldier’s story book
£25 gets you a copy of Jessica Law (the Soldier)’s solo CD
£30 gets you a Mechanisms poster
£35 gets you the poster, signed
£40 gets you a drawing by Gunpowder Tim
£45 gets you a set of prints of the characters
£55 gets you original artwork by Ruth Wilkinson or Claire Wilkinson (Ivy).
£75 gets you named as a contributor on the album
£100 gets you a hand-bound book containing the story and song lyrics from the album
£125 gets you lunch with the Mechanisms members
£150 gets you lunch with the Mechanisms, in character.
Any reward also includes every separate item cheaper than it, so £30 will get you a poster, a personalized signed CD, and the Soldier’s book and CD.

Also we will love you, which is a privilege not shared by many people in this galaxy…