WhyNot?, The Edinburgh Fringe, 04.08.2012-25.08.2012

by The Mechanisms

The Mechanisms are simply delighted to announce that they shall be gracing your tiny planet with their presence for a full month of music this August! Yes, the horrific rumours are true: at 5.30 every day except Tuesdays, between the 4th and 25th days of August, at WhyNot? (Venue no. 327), The Mechanisms will be presenting their infamous tale, Once Upon A Time (in Space)! In association with the PBH Free Fringe (“free” being the operative word for those of you who, like us, prefer to keep a tight fist on all your stolen booty).

It would make us most happy if you were able to join us. And it is always wise to try and make Jonny D’Ville as happy as possible. As well you know.

Further information can be found here.