The Mechanisms Get Stranded In Edinburgh

by The Mechanisms

After an overly lengthy series of orbital manoeuvres, and some new and exciting technical difficulties, the Aurora finally landed in Edinburgh mostly intact. And so the Mechanisms are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August, every night at 5.30 at WhyNot? (Venue 327 on George Street).

(Every night except Tuesdays. We’re still operating on Alpha Centauri’s six-day-week and couldn’t persuade the Toy Soldier that there are extra days on this planet. They just switch off for 24 hours to keep the time right.)

If you’re new here and want to know more, check out the various wonders upon this site. You can find our new album on Bandcamp (the music tab above) where you can download it for a minimal sum, or buy a CD for a little more. There’s other music there as well for your aural delight. If you’d like to keep tabs on us – so you know when we’re likely to be in town, in case you want to see us again or run for the hills – “liking” our Facebook page is the best place to start.

That is all. Don’t worry about switching out the light when you leave. Aurora will see to it.