Broadcast #3

by The Mechanisms

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Greetings, stowaways!

If you’re recieving this, then you’ve either signed up for the Mechanisms monthly mailing list, or have been automatically signed up by bandcamp after buying one of our CDs. As usual, if you unwisely fail to care, feel free to unsubscribe. We’ve got a lot on our hands and it will most likely be some time before we get around to hunting y’all down.

This month:

Ulysses Dies at Dawn

As we have been endlessly plugging already, we’re about a month into our crowdsource fundraising for our second album, the accurately titled Ulysses Dies at Dawn. We’re doing super well, having surpassed our “bare minimum” goal of £1000 a while back, and are almost up to our “super awesome” goal of £2500. If you haven’t donated yet, don’t worry: there’s still plenty of time, plenty of perks, and even beyond our original goal, every bit of money you donate will go towards making this next CD the most excellent it can be.

We’ve recorded a live version of the story-cycle, performed at its debut a few weeks back. It’s still in its first iteration, and the final set as put on CD will likely have more than a few changes, especially to the narrative, but this should give you an idea of what we’re raising money for.

At the moment you can only listen online, those of you who have donated should be getting a download code to put the live version on your media device. As for the rest of you, well, we can hardly take issue with a little piracy.

Metropolitan Fiction

The City can be a grim place, what with the murder, decay and endless servitude in the Acheron. Some of the best journalistic work on the subject was done by the brash young writer Herodotus, as can be seen in his special report, as well as the official surveillance records:

How Not to Die
FAO: Hermes – not urgent

Next Gigs

We’ve got a short-but-sweet 20 minute slot with The Equinox Troubadours & Trobairitz on the 22nd March (that’s a week on Friday, folks) at the Isis Farmhouse in Oxford. Doors open at 8:30 and we should be right at the end, around 10:35. We’ll be doing some of our shorter character songs, which we’ve been neglecting for awhile, so if you fancy some of that, do come along. Tickets are £6/£4 and available here.

Still in Oxford, on the 25th April, we’re playing at the Pitt Rivers Museum, due to a lost bet and some broken/eaten artifacts. More details will be forthcoming during the next list, but it’ll be fun, even if we’ve been told to lay off the swearing in case there are children present. We’ll do our fucking best.


The lyrics to Ulysses Dies at Dawn should be live now, typos notwithstanding – the blogbot is willing to regale you with tales of the tech-woes that led to such sloppiness, but you’ll need to buy it a pint of oil first. You may notice that the words for the narrative sections are significantly different from those on the live recording, this is because the lyrics up on the site are the ones that will be going on the album (and thus may be occasionally updated until the release of the album itself), while in the live gig was recorded before much of it was finished, such as the dialogue sections.

That’s all for this month. Tune in next time – same Mech-time, same Mech-channel.