“Chapter the Last”

Blood and fire rained from the sky, while on the ground the bodies of the dead and dying we used as cover and camouflage for those still fighting.

When Cinders arrived, she knew from the colour of her ring that her love was near. Joining up with the last of Snow’s troops, later remembered as the Noble Twenty Three – a lie, but a pretty one – they descended into the Undercity, to seek the throne room of the king.

What they found were the Three Little Pigs. The battle was brief, with rebels falling like chaff before their black iron foes, and then Snow saw Rose, still in the glass life-pod she’d been in for thirty years, and shattered it with a single shot. Rose opened her eyes and her first sight in thirty years was her sister. Falling lifeless to the floor with a bullet in her heart.

Nothing could contain Rose’ rage as she snapped, shattered and broke the Three Little Pigs, leaving them nothing but empty, hollowed out husks. And then she saw Cinders. For one beautiful moment, they embraced. And then King Cole shot Rose in the back.

As she watched the life drain out of her love, Cinders’ eyes narrowed, her fist clenched, and her now-scarlet ring plunged into the desiccated black heart of the king. There was an almighty crash as ivory his Ivory throne split, and then silence.

A long, bitter silence. Broken only by the weeping of Cinders, sobbing over her lost love.