Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields roll out before me
Sunlight dapples through the leaves
And plays among the oak tree
As I wait for my release

Lying here amongst the flowers
I can rest my weary bones
In the earth with my beloved
I will find my final home

Long ago I sought to share it
That death might not be mine alone
But the Labyrinth-spawn, they could not bear it
They shall not reap what I have sown

Resting here upon the soil
As dawn fills my heart with light
Beside my wife and far from toil
Sunrise breaking through the night

No-one shall pull me from my slumber
My mind to plague with thoughts of life
Forever free of pain and hunger
As I leave the city’s strife

Sleeping here bathed in sunshine
I have found where I shall lie
I have found my heart’s true calling
Elysian fields where I can die

Elysian fields where I can…