Favoured Son

ZEUS: “Come in, lad, come in. I’m told you’ve a right to call me father.”
HERACLES: “Me and half the city, way I hear it. Mum says hi.”
ZEUS: “Come on, kid, don’t be like that. I do keep an eye on my…”
HERACLES: “Bastards? You don’t seem much like a family man.”
ZEUS: “Ah, now that’s where you’re wrong, my boy. In fact, I’m making you an offer here and now to join your family.”
HERACLES: “Become an Olympian?”
ZEUS: “Claim your birthright. There are just one or two jobs need taking care of first, though. To prove you’re worth the favour.”

‘Twas nigh a hundred years ago
When first I met my father
He embraced me close
And asked if I would rather
Live forever or die
The paupers of the streets
They have their meagre years
And so into the Acheron
With the ferryman
A short and mortal span
But the rich they can
Escape eternal drudgery
Son, what do you say?
I can pay your way
If your part you’ll play
In service to the family
As the favoured son.

Buy a life eternal with these bloodied hands
In service to the family as the favoured son.

ZEUS: “Nice work boy. I hear you’re making quite a name for yourself. Oh, and congratulations on making me a grandfather.”
HERACLES: “I need to talk to you about that. I’ve been your errand by fifty years now, but my children…”
ZEUS: “Sorry, kid. Offer doesn’t extend past one generation. Immortality’s expensive.”
HERACLES: “Then I guess this is where you and I part ways.”
ZEUS: “Going freelance? That’s just too bad. I’ll be here if you… change your mind.”

So as the decades passed
I proved myself an asset
The thunderbolt of Zeus
And soon the fates would have it
My violent habits grew
The screams and spurting blood
Were mother’s milk to me
They cradled and delighted
I’m the one he chose
Against adopted foes
Steadily I rose
And showed the world my pedigree
Service with a smile
Laughing all the while
Murder or defile
To make my father proud of me
As the favoured son.

Buy myself my Freedom with these bloodied hands
In service to the family as the favoured son.

HERACLES: “What the fuck have you done?”
ZEUS: “Me? Way I hear it, you’re the one that went crazy and murdered his children.”
ZEUS: “Look, I took the liberty of having the charges dropped. Of course, that kind of influence doesn’t come cheap. We’ve got some jobs lined up, though, to help you pay off your debt. Welcome home, son.”

When I awoke I found my home
A charnel house, my children
Butchered bled and carved
Their little limbs asunder
And strewn across the floor
One task then another
Paying off my pardon
No time my tears to smother
So if they won’t retreat
Flood the fucking street
But shoot them in the feet
If they try to run away
When they go to ground
Burn their houses down
More will come around
In penance for my family
As the favoured son.

Buy myself redemption with these bloodied hands
In service to the family as the favoured son.