And so the third lock opens. Silently, this time, leaving only one more to be dealt with.

ORPHEUS: “I can finally pay Hades.”

Orpheus barely whispers it, but it’s enough to prick the ears of both Heracles and Ulysses. Neither says a word, but the pieces are falling into place. Orpheus’ story isn’t unusual: a broke young musician with a dead fiance, just another life chewed up by the City. This broke young musician didn’t accept that though. Didn’t care that he didn’t have the money to have a mind from the Acheron rebodied, or that those as were came back wrong. He needed his true love. There has rarely been a more curious combination of towering spiritual strength and pathetic emotional weakness. So he went to Hades.

Here I should mention that Hades was no stranger. After all, the Mechanisms had been in the City a long time, having our own brand of fun. And our quartermaster, Ashes O’Reilly, felt right at home – decided to seize control of the Acheron and make the ferrymen dance to a different tune. Took on the name of Hades.

And so “Hades” took those foolish enough to venture to the Acheron – Ulysses, Heracles and Orpheus – and decided to have a little fun.