“Loose Threads”

Don’t feel bad for Heracles, though. He always was a nasty piece of work. But the wheel is turned, and the second of the four locks slides open with a click.

ORPHEUS: “Is it my turn now?”

Orpheus asks, staring at the small microphone situated in the door.

HERACLES: “Yeah. And don’t screw it up this time.”

See, Heracles and Orpheus had worked together before, backing up Jason on the Fleece job. But things had gone south pretty badly.

ORPHEUS: “Me? Hylas was your fault. If you had stuck to the plan he’d still be here.”

Heracles is crimson with rage. He had been very fond of Hylas. Ariadne cuts him off before things escalate.

ARIADNE: “Calm yourself. Now. Orpheus has a job to do, so let him do it.”

Heracles takes a breath.

HERACLES: “Alright, but only out of respect. Your dad helped me out once.”

ARIADNE: “Don’t give me that bullshit. We need the brat if this door is to be opened, so let him sing.”

Orpheus takes out his lyre, and does exactly that.