Lucky Sevens

In the dyin’ light of Malone’s twin suns
Setting o’er the cityscape
I find ya in the back of an orphan-house
Dreamin’ of escape

Well, the name’s Smooth Mickey, I been watchin’ your work
An’ I like the way that it burns
But ya don’ understand who runs this world
An’ I think it’s time you learned

Well, the Lucky Sevens, they rule the streets
The dice are loaded an’ they play for keeps
The fire burns bright
In the cool, dark night
When the Sevens are in luck

So take my hand an’ let’s get out of here
Uncle Mickey will show ya the way
We can use your pyromaniacal talents
Ashes, what d’ya say?

All eleven years of my life
I’ve been alone, and now there’s you
So hand me the matches and the gasoline
‘Cause we’ve got work to do

Well I’m a Lucky Seven, I’m a mob elite
I got loaded dice and I was born to cheat
The fire burns bright
In the heat of the night
‘Cause the Sevens are in luck


Mickey, I’ve been a Seven a long long time
Twelve years if it’s been a day
But the Aces are moving on our turf
And they seem to know our play

We got a stool pigeon in our ranks
I’ve been hunting down the snitch
The trail leads back to you, Uncle dear
And payback gonna be a bitch

Well, I always knew ya were a real smart kid
I figured you’d track me down
But they don’t call me Smooth Mickey for nothin’
I’m the big boss of this town

Ya see, I needed a fall guy
For the Sevens to send to the grave
An’ by the smoke that ya smell and the heat that ya feel
You can guess whose name I gave

Well, the Lucky Sevens, they got you beat
Your dice may be loaded, but they melt in the heat
The fire burns bright
Under you tonight
‘Cause Ashes, you’re outta luck

Oh, the fire scorches your flesh
An’ the smoke fills your lungs
Looks like ya rolled snake-eyes
Ashes O’Reilly
I guess your game is done


ASHES: “Hello, Mickey”
MICKEY: “Ashes?! What, no no no, ain’t no way, I saw you burn”
ASHES: “Yeah, funny how that worked out, isn’t it?”
MICKEY: “Listen, what went down between us, that was just business, y’know? Join up with me an’ the Aces, we’re gonna rule this world”
ASHES: “Pass”
MICKEY: “Killing me ain’t gonna do ya no good!”
ASHES: “It’ll make me feel better”
MICKEY: “Look, Ashes, it was never about you an’ me. The Sevens, the Aces, the cops, it’s all part’ve the same goddamn thing. I mean, what’re ya gonna do? Ain’t enough gasoline out there to burn down an entire planet.”
ASHES: “Funny, if you’d said that to me to weeks ago, I’d have said you were right…”
MICKEY: “Hey, what’s so funny? Ashes, why’re ya laughin’?”


Well, the Lucky Sevens have lost their game
Loaded dice don’t help when your world’s aflame
The fire burns bright
Everywhere tonight
‘Cause the Sevens
The Sevens
The Sevens are out of luck