“The Daedalia”

It doesn’t look like the last lock’s being opened any time soon. And so the fifth Suit emerges from the shadows. The one who gathered our motley band together, played Zeus and Poseidon off against each other, and even managed to talk Hades into helping him assemble them.


Lot of tales about Daedalus. That he trades as an Olympian under the name Hephaestus. That he had his own son killed for getting too ambitious. That he designed the Acheron as the original architect of the City, back when it was still known by its true name: Labyrinth.

And he wants whatever is in this vault. If it can break the Acheron and challenge the Olympians, it belongs with Daedalus.

DAEDALUS: “Open it.”

His voice gives no options. There is silence, finally broken by Orpheus.

ORPHEUS: “I’ll do it. Just make sure Hades gets the money.”

DAEDALUS: “Of course. Just get it done.”

So Orpheus steps into the chamber, a dull whirring begins inside of it. But he can’t see it through, though, can he? Flinches, looks back, and it doesn’t work. Steps out and the door’s still closed. But it does give Daedalus an idea, as rhetoric about sacrifice and resolve actually operates on quite a simple motion sensor. Can’t tell the difference between the brave and the tied-up. He makes an announcement.

DAEDALUS: “There will be a 33% increase in fee for three of you, as soon as the fourth is bound and used to open the door. I leave the choice up to you.”

All at once everything is guns and desperation.