“The Twins”

Now, as King Cole turned his envious eyes towards conquest, twins were born to the noblest family of his kingdom. Two beautiful baby girls named by their parents as Snow and Rose.

As they grew, it became clear they had little in common. Snow was possessed of long, luxuriant black hair, and became a gifted politician, always urging peace and diplomacy among the aging warmongers of the royal court. While Rose, with her short shock of scarlet hair, became the finest warrior of King Cole’s army.

And so it came to pass that the aged king, desperate for a force that could never be stopped, never be defeated, never be halted as it marched from planet to planet, had Rose seized on her wedding day, to become the genetic base of this unholy horde.

Dr Hansel, is this her?

M-my liege, I did not expect…

Of course not! I advertise my movements to nobody. So this is my finest warrior.

Yes, my liege, the subject has proven rather more resilient to the procedure than we anticipated, but rest assured we shall have the first consignment of Rose Reds ready within the month.

KING COLEExcellent, doctor, excellent. You and your sister have served me well.

Thank you, my liege, soon we will have unending supplies of this exemplary warrior. Knowing no pain, no fear…

What? No, no, no, my dear doctor, pain and fear are important tools for survival. A good soldier should be able to overcome them, but they must be there. No, make sure she knows pain. And make sure she knows fear.