Ties that Bind

You engineered the beast
that stalks the streets
Making deals with a monster so much worse
Playing games with lives
and bringing down his curse
Mother, Father
You brought our name down low
Where the city once lay at our feet
now I’m working with these lowlifes just to eat
I reap what you sow
Your one true child

My family will rise again
We’ll reclaim the power that we used to hold
The Minos name reborn
From the ashes bright in letters made of gold
Long we’ve remained in shadow
And in far-forgotten tales never told
My family shall arise
Once again

I tried to right your wrongs
That for so long
Had cast their dark horned shadow over my life
Plucking minds from tear-streaked backstreets dripping strife
He promised freedom
From the infamy you wrought
You built Labyrinth on blood and pain
And Theseus I thought could hide the strain
But release can’t be bought
From the ties that bind


So Theseus hunted for your Minotaur
With the strings of code I gave it wasn’t hard
To find it and deactivate its guard
It tried to fight it
But programming won out after all
Collapsing in a sparking metal heat
My preening hero claimed all credit for the feat
Completing my fall
In dishonour I am tied


Mother, Father, you’re both long dead
And I’m betrayed by the one I was to wed
There was no love there, my heartstrings long since cut
The Minos noble name lies in the mud
But not for long