Trial by Song

I’m not a gambling man
I don’t know how to play this hand
I was dealt by force
Thought I could speak easy
But you just bent my words right back on me
Then I broke the law

Now here beneath the rust
The skytrain rattles round
The raindrops fall through dust
And shatter on the ground
black and dead
I never should have placed my trust in the City
The vulture town that picked me clean

“And all at once, as though answering the call, the vault is filled with music.”

I’m not a lawless man
I always trusted in your plan
I was dumb like that
I chose the straightest path
But all the landmarks moved as I walked past
Now I can’t look back


I’m not a fighting man
I never act on wrath’s command
But I know you do
I’d rather run than stand
You’d rather force my hand than understand
That I’m not like you