“Trial by Strength”

If you asked the Ulysses currently kneeling in front of the Suits why they’d created the trials, I doubt they could tell you. Still, the coding problems and logic puzzles that formed the trial of wits have been silently solved by Oedipus, so next up is the trial of strength, which is a rather romantic way of describing the act of turning a big iron wheel.

OEDIPUS: “I believe it’s your turn, Heracles. I do hope it isn’t too confusing for you.”

HERACLES: “Yeah, maybe I should practice by snapping you in half, you plug-eyed freak.”

Now Heracles is an interesting case. Bastard son of the scion of the most powerful Olympian: Zeus. See, Don Zeus has something of a taste for women from the lower levels, and enjoys toying with the offspring that result. His favourite trick is to offer them a place in the family, contingent on the completion of a suicide mission or two. Most barely last a week, but Heracles? Heracles is too mean, too tough and too stupid to stop. So he just keeps going.