“Ulysses’ Will”

Of course, when the identity was revealed of the man Oedipus killed defending his lab, not to mention his beautiful wife’s provenance – ignorant or not, there’s only so much scandal a public can take.

HERACLES: “Looks like you got in there pretty easy. Remind you of your mom?”

Oedipus says nothing, but strengthens his resolve to get out. Doesn’t matter there’s nothing beyond the City save the automated colonies that feed it and the empty black. Doesn’t matter he has to work with scum like this to afford it. He needs to escape.

ARIADNE: “Impressive. But we still have three more locks to go.”

Ariadne’s voice cuts through the air. See, there are two ways to get into Penelope’s vault. The first is with Ulysses’ passcode. No luck there. But Ulysses did leave instructions for another way to get it open, after they were gone.

HERACLES: “What’s in there? I heard it’s some kind of weapon.”

ARIADNE: “We don’t know for sure. According to the will whatever it is can bring down the Acheron and overthrow the Olympians.”

HERACLES: “Yeah, right.”

ARIADNE: “I don’t believe it either, but our employer wants it, so if our friend here won’t open the door, we proceed with the trials.”

Four trials: a trial of wits, a trial of strength, a trial of song and a trial of love. The suits picked to tackle each one. As for why Ulysses had designed such a high-minded security system, well, that was a long time ago. A young, idealistic Ulysses. Before ten years of war and twenty years of dulling the pain. Twenty years of Sirens.