Underworld Blues

Hades, Hades
Hear my petition please
My name is Ulysses
I seek to bury my fractured memories

In the war, in the war
The horrors that I saw
Saddled grief to my core
I can’t take it any more

Ulysses, Ulysses
You come here on your knees
Begging for my release
But I warn you it ain’t that easy

In your mind, in your mind
The horrors are too entwined
The only peace you will find
Is in the refuge you yourself designed

Hades, Hades
I guess you managed to catch me
My name is Heracles
I was sent here your dog to seize

Of my tasks, of my tasks
This was to be the last
But I know there’s more they’ll ask
So if you’re going to kill me, do it fast

Heracles, Heracles
You’re tired that’s plain to see
I might just set you free
But you gotta do one thing for me

I’m inclined, I’m inclined
To send you to a friend of mine
He’s got a job I think you’ll find
Will pay the debt to which you’ve resigned

Hades, Hades
Hear my reprise
Drifting gently on the breeze
As I beg for my true love’s reprieve

All are hushed, all are hushed
for the song of Orpheus
On my own I am lost
I need my love back, whatever it costs

Orpheus, Orpheus
You bring your song to us
I can release a mind if I must
You’ve got the payment required I trust

You are poor, you are poor
What you need you can’t afford
But if you can thrive outside the law
I know a job that pays what you need and more

Hades, Hades, to your terms I will agree
I’ll find the vault
I’ll do the job happily
I’ll find the money for my love
Then I shall be free