Mailing List

by The Mechanisms

As you may be aware, Facebook has, in its ever-continuing march into obsolescence, decided to drastically reduce the reach of Pages unless they pay to promote their posts. We need that money to buy oil with which to bribe the spiders that maintain our solar sails into cooperation. Therefore, we’ve set up an alternate, more reliable means of contacting you.

If you’d like to join our mailing list, send us an e-mail at (naturally, we will go so far as sacrificing half our lives and the Toy Soldier to prevent your information from being passed on to hands less reputable than our own).

We’ll be broadcasting updates on our expected locations, recent plans, latest music and most up-to-date bounty on something like a monthly basis. Soon, you may expect a last few oddities from our brief stay in the Cole Dominion; future updates in the new year may contain hints of what is to come in the deepest reaches of a dark city planet…

Do tune in. We would hate for you to be unprepared when we arrive on your little world.