Broadcast #1

by The Mechanisms

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Aurora’s Broadcast #1 – The Mechanisms update [01.2013 Terran]

Greetings, stowaways!

If you’d like to receive this update directly, please email us at and we’ll put you on the list. Probably the mailing list. Probably not Jonny’s hit list, but they have been confused in the past – you have been warned.

Anyway, news:

New “Once Upon a Time [in Space]” Fiction

We’ve got a grand total of seven new stories up on our website, spanning right up to the end of the story cycle (and a little bit beyond). You can access them from our Fiction page.

By Any Other Name – A collection of surviving artifacts documenting the Briar incident.
True Love – A report by Colonel Belle into the capture and deprogramming of Adam Bete AKA “The Beast”.
In the Army – Wherein an old Rose Red tells of their encounter with a singular individual.
This Little Piggy – A glimpse at Gepetto’s workshop, and how Little Pigs are made.
What Big Eyes – Concerning the agency working to apprehend the Red Hood.
One Thousand and Two – An account of Scheharezade’s life on the eve of her death.
Ever After – A short epilogue which allows that maybe there is a single happy ending to be had (sort of).

With this batch, we’re calling an effective end to official Once Upon a Time fiction. While there may be additional pieces posted up every now and again, the story is, for the most part, complete. We are now going to be focusing mainly on our next story cycle/set (see below).

Ulysses Dies at Dawn

We are currently in the latter stages of writing and rehearsing our next set. It is called “Ulysses Dies at Dawn” and will be debuted at our February gig (see below). It tells of the last days of Ulysses, a broken down old gumshoe in the hands of four sinister Suits: Heracles, Orpheus, Oedipus and Ariadne. Secrets, lies, immortality and the all-consuming embrace of the City. More information and the Indiegogo for the CD will be forthcoming next month, so keep you eyes and ears open for more.

Apocrypha Audio Readings

We’ve started to do some recordings of some of the fiction we’ve already got up on the site. We’re calling it Apocrypha, and the first two can be found on Youtube as of now.

Mirror, Mirror – The post-escape awakening of Snow, and the birth of General White
A Rebel Yell – An intercepted transmission from Outpost Rapunzal, hosted by Tommy Thumb himself.

We’re planning to do all the fiction this way eventually, and will be putting them up as and when they get done.

February Gig

No gigs in January, alas, but those of you around Oxford on Feb 9th (Greenwich Mean Time, Terran Standard Date) might find it worthwhile to drag your carcasses along to The Cellar in Oxford, where we shall be debuting the first incarnation of our next story arc “Ulysses Dies at Dawn”. It’ll still be a work in progress and rough around a few edges, but it should be worth hearing. We will be playing with another band, Pocketwatch (, a lovely steampunk banjo/guitar/cello trio, and hopefully a (yet to be announced) third band. Doors will open at 19:00, bands to start around 19:30. Admission will be £5. We hope to see everyone there.


We’ve cleaned up the Lyrics page on our website, every song of ours that has been performed should now have lyrics up and the spoken sections of Once Upon a Time have also been added.

Those of you still waiting for books from the OUaTiS Indiegogo are in luck, as they should be bound within the next few days. Apologies for the delay, we wanted to get all the apocrypha included. We hope you shall not be disappointed.

Well, that’s it for the inaugaral broadcast, look out for our next one in about a month, and until then, keep flying.

Love, hate and all points in between from,