Broadcast #6

by The Mechanisms

Descending on the Fringe! Gig with the Indelicates! Blogbot exposition!

Aurora’s Broadcast #3 – The Mechanisms update [06.2013 Terran]

To all you stowaways!
A short one for you this month, what with the crew busy patching up the Aurora to prepare it to sit in low orbit over Earth for the next couple of months, a fact which I assure you should definitely not cause mass panic.

Ulysses Dies at Dawn at the Edinburgh Fringe

Looks like the Edinburgh Fringe is already warning its citizens of our impeding arrival — handily, along with the times, dates and locations of our regularly scheduled descents into the city proper. Hopefully those of you willing to look past the official warnings will find the information useful.

They also handily inform you that our shows are free of charge. What they won’t be telling you is that, on Mondays, we’ll be starting an hour earlier in the same location with a rendition of “Once Upon a Time in Space”, the tale we told during our last visit. All are welcome, whether you’re coming because you missed it last year, or because of the subliminal hypnosis we worked into some of the lyrics.

The Mechanisms and the Indelicates

To those of you who find themselves in Oxford this Tuesday (18th June), you should make your way across to the Cellar, were we will be playing alongside our friends The Indelicates in a night of what I’m going to choose to describe as a non-stop train of exciting avant-garde mayhem, but will probably be called “a national tragedy” the the morning papers.

At any rate, if you’re free on Tuesday, feel free to pop along for a while and say hello. We don’t bite. Other forms of assault are fair game, though.

Metropolitan Fiction

In an act of fully-precedented vainglory, the Blogbot has put together an article detailing popular theories on its own nature, and refuses to function until we broadcast the damned thing. As we have just about zero idea how to actually threaten the pile of space-junk, it looks like were posting an article detailing popular theories on… you get the picture. Enjoy!

So there’s your fill. See you next month, moon beasts not-withstanding.

~The Mechanisms