WhyNot?, Edinburgh, 03-24.08.2013

by The Mechanisms

The BlogBot is not entirely sure what is so attractive about this planet that you call Earth, but the Mechanisms seem to end up there rather a lot. More specifically, at a certain (bizarre) festival known as the “Edinburgh Fringe”, a gathering for cultish rituals and unusual drama and the like. Then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they fit right in.

In other words, the Mechanisms will once again be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Every evening (but not Wednesdays) at 17:30, at Venue 327 WhyNot? (down the same creepy alley as last year — look for the declaiming space pirate and it’s unlikely you’re in the wrong place) the band will be performing their latest complete story, Ulysses Dies at Dawn.

What’s better, it’s free! For a given definition of “free” where they will ask you for money afterwards and offer to sell you CDs (but without any obligation to do so if, somehow — foolishly — you should dislike them that much).

What’s even better is that on Mondays, from the earlier hour of 16:15, there will be a Double Bill — Once Upon a Time (in Space) followed by Ulysses at the usual time. For the same price as above, i.e. free with a hint of menace.

Do join us. The first night has already seen a large audience, much fun and only a little violence — all of which so far has been confined to those on the stage. Come one, come all — if you want to come multiple times, it’s free, so don’t hold back — dance and sing along and heckle, if you dare — and it should be a fantastic month. You have been warned.

p.s. If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it over August, we can tell you now that there’s already a few gigs lined up for the Autumn. The Mechanisms will be playing with old friends CN Lester and The Indelicates on September 6th in London, as well as headlining Raising Steam in Reading and possibly even playing at Asylum in Lincoln later in the month. And, of course, something will happen around Hallowe’en — so keep your eyes open and your trigger fingers twitchy! See you around, we trust.