Broadcast #7

by The Mechanisms


Aurora’s Broadcast #4 – The Mechanisms update [09.2013 Terran]

Wayward stowaways! It’s been too long.

Having once again been forced to leave the Edinburgh fringe without leaving it in ruins (a long story involving the Toy Soldier, a stowaway and a band of rogue space-auctioneers), we finally found some spare time to boot up the Blogbot and send out another message down the space-waves.

Stay tuned to hear about our new Story, planned landing sites for the next month or so [Stop showing everyone our nav files, Brian – JdV], and a little tale about our wayward mechanic.

Ulysses Dies at Dawn – Available from Some Earth-Stores

First and foremost, some of you may remember we promised you that we’d immortalise our tale of Ulysses’ life and death in The City on a shiny compact disc. Well if you haven’t been paying attention to the copies of it we’ve been plastering all over the internet, airwaves and sub-aether, we finished it! You can find the aforementioned plastering on the internet on our personal bandcamp page, and you can even buy a physical artefact of the story for a mere five earth pounds. We recommend you do so immediately. It’s for your own good.

Weekend at the Asylum – Lincoln’s Premier Steam-Party

Shore leave is scheduled for Saturday, 14th September at the UK’s premier Steampunk event, Weekend at the Asylum. Takes place from the 13th-15th in some quaint backwater system called Lincoln.

We’ll be presenting Ulysses Dies at Dawn in full for your delectation/horror (delete as applicable), accompanied by some choice selections from our armoury. Entry wristbands and tickets to all of Asylum’s fantastic events, shows and parties are available after the jump. Remember to get both – wristband gets you into the party, tickets get you into our… enclosure.

Looks to be a decent shindig. Come for the mechs, stay for the steam-themed misadventures. The cogs remind Tim of home, whenever that wasn’t.

Raising Steam in Reading

And for the second convention of the season, Raising Steam! This one much closer to the arbitrarily designated ‘South’ of the chunk of rock you call the United Kingdom.

Along with Metropolis, Miss von Trapp, Crimson Clocks and many more, we’ll be bringing our brand of bittersweet violence to Reading on the 22nd of September, with many other bands over the weekend on both the 21st and 22nd.

I’ve also been informed that it’s a charity, for “New Futures Nepal”. I’m not sure what new futures we can create, or how many paradoxes we’ll form in the process, but we’re told it’s a good cause and assured it doesn’t involve unauthorised time travel. Again, you need to purchase tickets in advance, but as anyone reading this is likely to have an internet connection, you can have a connection to the internet (store where you can buy tickets).

London, CN Lester and The Indelicates

For those of you based in the capital, or those who have more of a penchant for single night gigs than festivals, or just for those of you who want to see us as many times as humanly possible, we have another gig in London on September 6th (That’s this Friday) – with The Indelicates and CN Lester – tickets available here.

We’re on from 8:30 at a place called Power Lunches, address on the tickets page above. Be there or suffer a messy death at the hands of the space-ants. We’re not kidding. There’s a curfew for a reason.

Rumours of Nastya’s return have been greatly exaggerated

We’ve recently picked up a signal from the void, the contents of which seem to involve the missing-presumed-happy-about-it crew member Nastya Rasputina – you can find a copy of it here for your personal ingestion. Perhaps this means she’s on her way back to the ship, perhaps not. Either way, she won’t be pleased to see what Tim’s done to the Aurora’s arsenal…

So, to recap our upcoming events, so you don’t miss a thing:

Friday, September 6th – London with CN Lester and The Indelicates

Saturday, September 14th – Weekend At The Asylum (Lincoln)

Sunday, September 22nd – Raising Steam (Reading)

There’s your fill. See you in a month or so, if we don’t crash Aurora into a sun. Bye!

~The Mechanisms