The Mechanisms

Storytelling Musical Cabaret

“Rocket Girl”

by The Mechanisms

The Dogstar, Brixton, London, 27.07.2011

by nastyarasputina

Future analysis has suggested that following an altercation that will occur on 24.07.2011 local time, the Aurora will be damaged and will require repair.  Repairs will be conducted over a three day period, during which time the crew will adopt the personae of indigenes of the planet Earth.  This will involve participating in cultural events, particularly a musical fund-raising affair, “Moulin Rage!“.  Any beings sympathetic to the Mechanisms and willing to assist in their continued deception of the local authorities are invited to attend.

The Good Ship, Kilburn, London, 24.07.2011

by The Mechanisms

This is an advance warning that the Aurora will be docking with the Good Ship, Kilburn, London on the 24th of July local planetary time.  Intelligence has been received that the Mechanism’s erstwhile creator, Dr Carmilla, will be passing through at that time, and they wish to have polite words with her.  In Jonny’s case these words may not be polite for long.

Cautious individuals are assured that outright violence will probably be minimal as a strange local custom, involving collecting local forms of money with which to pay for the creation of musical “compact discs”, in exchange for a curious delicacy known as CAKE and entertainment as provided by CN Lester etc., will be coinciding with our visit.

Green Templeton College, Oxford, 10.5.2011

by The Mechanisms

20120711-023231 AM.jpg

Performing at the launch event for the Oxford University Genderless Campaign, along with CN Lester and Sally Outen.

20120711-022956 AM.jpg

Photographs courtesy of the wonderful Lyman Gamberton.

Rose Red (short version)

by The Mechanisms

In 4388AD, the despot king of New Constantinople took his finest soldier against her will and used her as the genetic base for his entire clone army. To date she has died approximately 1,450,000 times.

Rose Red

(This is a short version, but is available for free download. The longer version will be finished soon, and hopefully available for streaming no less soon. Please enjoy.)