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The Ballad o’ Lil Lemon

by The Mechanisms

The Gunner and the First Mate were floating around a bar one time. They picked up this little gem and insist on playing it whenever we’re on a planet where they understand words like “sixgun” and “horse”. If you’re on one such planet, we hope you enjoy it.

WhyNot?, The Edinburgh Fringe, 04.08.2012-25.08.2012

by The Mechanisms

The Mechanisms are simply delighted to announce that they shall be gracing your tiny planet with their presence for a full month of music this August! Yes, the horrific rumours are true: at 5.30 every day except Tuesdays, between the 4th and 25th days of August, at WhyNot? (Venue no. 327), The Mechanisms will be presenting their infamous tale, Once Upon A Time (in Space)! In association with the PBH Free Fringe (“free” being the operative word for those of you who, like us, prefer to keep a tight fist on all your stolen booty).

It would make us most happy if you were able to join us. And it is always wise to try and make Jonny D’Ville as happy as possible. As well you know.

Further information can be found here.

Wadstock, Oxford, 28.04.2012

by nastyarasputina

The long-awaited next landing of the Aurora has finally been calculated! Yes, after a lengthy series of unfortunate events (including solar flares and communications failures) she will be landing at WADHAM COLLEGE OXFORD next SATURDAY to join in the quaint tradition of WADSTOCK. The crew sincerely hopes you can join them there, where they’ll begin playing a lively set at just after EIGHT post meridian British Summer Time. Although they encourage you to turn up earlier to make the most of your money and see all the other action on offer…


by duckwhatduck

We have some nice little (and not so little) treats in store for anyone willing to help us get the funds together to make an album.

(…and if you’re not so willing, well. We can always set Jonny on you.)

You wouldn’t want that, now, would you?

If you want to make a contribution, head over here. As for what you’ll get for your money:

£5 gets you a CD (that is what this is all about, after all)
£10 gets you that CD, signed
£15 gets you a personalized signed CD
£20 gets you a copy of the Toy Soldier’s story book
£25 gets you a copy of Jessica Law (the Soldier)’s solo CD
£30 gets you a Mechanisms poster
£35 gets you the poster, signed
£40 gets you a drawing by Gunpowder Tim
£45 gets you a set of prints of the characters
£55 gets you original artwork by Ruth Wilkinson or Claire Wilkinson (Ivy).
£75 gets you named as a contributor on the album
£100 gets you a hand-bound book containing the story and song lyrics from the album
£125 gets you lunch with the Mechanisms members
£150 gets you lunch with the Mechanisms, in character.
Any reward also includes every separate item cheaper than it, so £30 will get you a poster, a personalized signed CD, and the Soldier’s book and CD.

Also we will love you, which is a privilege not shared by many people in this galaxy…


by duckwhatduck

By the most excellent Ruth Wilkinson

20120711-022428 AM.jpg

20120711-022513 AM.jpg

20120711-022529 AM.jpg

20120711-022541 AM.jpg

20120711-022602 AM.jpg

Music from Spaceport Mahon uploaded!

by The Mechanisms

Funny thing – it turns out that a heavy cruiser for the Quadrant Sigma Police Department was remotely monitoring and recording our little adventure on the Spaceport Mahon.

Anyway, long story short, the QSPD are down one heavy cruiser and we have some recordings of the gig, which we have chosen, in our infinite wisdom and generosity, to share with you.

Given the nature of live recording, they’re pretty raw and some of them came out better than others. That said, we’ve put the lot of them up, warts and all, and we’ll leave it to you, our discerning listener, to decide which are fit to grace your headphones.

Don’t get shot!

(space)Port Mahon, Oxford, 18.11.2011

by nastyarasputina

Once a year, the inhabitants of the lonely outpost of Spaceport Mahon, floating near-derelict in the Clement Asteroid Belt, tremble in anticipation: that notorious vessel AURORA and her band of troublesome MECHANISMS are approaching once again. Is this the time when they will finally destroy Spaceport Mahon in a blaze of anarchic fury? Or have they managed to calm Gunpowder Tim’s tendencies to arson? Only the brave, foolish, or those interested in dieselpunk cabaret spacefolk musical storytelling should dare to find out.

Featuring Support and a New and Exciting Story for your Horror and Delectation.

Kind Enough to Lend their Stylish Hats

by nastyarasputina

A generous review from the Cutlery Drawer, in and amongst discussion of the first outings of a worthy cause.  We got our stylish hats back in the end.  Lesson: next time we’re generous, tie string to the things we have been generous with, and hold on to the end.

Folly Bridge Inn, Oxford, 17.09.2011

by The Mechanisms


Jonny threw his hands up in despair.  “I don’t care what you say, Nastya, this ship is deliberately trying to drive me fucking crazy.”

Nastya’s eyes darkened.  Ashes stepped in before she could drive Jonny into drawing his pistol.  Again.  Or worse, turning to the also depleting whisky.  “At least she’s telling us before we actually run out,” she said.  “Now, floating in deep space for centuries would definitely drive you crazy.”

“Like him!”  Ivy pointed at the man sitting in the corner.  He looked up.

“It wasn’t the deep space that drove me crazy,” he said, his voice low, calm and polite.  “It was the sudden realisation that I was entirely responsible for the destruction of my entire civilisation, and happy for it.”

Everyone looked uncertainly at him for a moment.  Then Jonny nodded.  “I guess I see what you mean.  Where’s the nearest planet?  And when can we get there?”

“Oxford,” Ivy said.

“Which will take us just under a month.”  added Brian.  “I’ll see to it.”


“ETA: September 17th, landing at Folly Bridge Inn, 7 in the evening local time.

“Fuck this machine.”


by The Mechanisms