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Nine Worlds Kickstarter Finale, London, 02.03.2013

by The Mechanisms

The Mechanisms will be playing at the Kickstarter finale party for the Nine Worlds sci-fi convention on MARCH 2ND from SEVEN PM, at 5 WALDO WORKS, NW10 6AW, LONDON. (Note you should turn up early if you want to hear the Mechs, because they’ll be done by 9.30 at the very latest.) Nine Worlds is being held for the first time this year, and has been set up from the start to be different from your average convention: diverse, welcoming, yet still full to the brim of sci-fi and fantasy goodness.

Put simply, if you like The Mechanisms, you’ll enjoy Nine Worlds.

Their Kickstarter is selling advance tickets to gauge interest and raise initial funds, so if you’re thinking of going (go) you should buy your ticket now. Or come along to the finale party and buy it there.

Ulysses Dies at Dawn: Live Debut

by The Mechanisms

The debut of Ulysses Dies at Dawn was, by all accounts, a great success.* The Mechanisms are deeply involved with experiments in gratitude, that they might thank you as you deserve. This is proving trying, but headway has been reported.

In the meantime, for those of you who could not make it and would like to know what the fuss is about, or for those of you who foolishly could make it and wish, for some unknown reason, to relive the experience, we have good news. A long-term Archivist/Stalker of ours was generous enough to record the incident on video. This may be seen here. In addition, our soundman Jimmy Hetherington made a sound recording of the whole gig. It was taken directly through the sound desk, so it’s very good quality. You can stream it from our Bandcamp.

So: if you wanted to know what you were letting yourselves in for, you may now find out.

*The Blogbot has never been seen off-ship, and thus cannot present a first hand opinion.

Broadcast #2

by nastyarasputina

TRANSMISSION // 0002/02/00002012 // AURORA

之動得?違言語?何意味?待・之押that should fix it.

Aurora’s Broadcast #2 – The Mechanisms Update [02.2012 Terran Gregorian]

Greetings once again, stowaways. I’ll tell you now that the only reason we haven’t found you and thrown you out of the nearest airlock (or worse) is that we’ve been a wee bit busy. As follows:

Ulysses Dies at Dawn

We’ve been hard at work reminiscing over whisky and we reckon we’ve more or less got this tale down tap. There are a few hazy points left, and some of us are still a little rusty after an encounter with space whales last week. However, that shouldn’t stop us putting on a show for your delectation and delight. In fact, I think we shall do that very thing.

The First Showing

If you’re in Oxford, or can be in Oxford, or have an outside chance of being in Oxford if you start walking/planning to steal a spaceship now, on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9TH, you could come and see the first complete debut of this new story! We’ll be playing at the CELLAR, where doors will open at 7PM for 5 of your English Pounds. As support, we are lucky enough to be joined by POLAR PATTERNS (who played with us at Port Mahon last time) and, from London, the clockwork intricacies of POCKETWATCH. Note that, to finish before the venue’s curfew, timing will be very tight – so DON’T BE LATE. We’re looking forward to seeing your faces, and hearing what you think of our tales of the City.


To tickle your fancy while you wait, we’ve found a couple of oddments on our data drives. The first is the Toy Soldier, in its disguise as Jessica Law, singing of the trials of Orpheus. The second is a completely irrelevant newspaper cutting that someone decided to archive. With Ivy lost somewhere in the bowels of the ship, the rest of the Mechanisms aren’t so good at accumulating information in an orderly and sensible fashion.*


As you may have heard, we’re looking to find some funds to record this new story and press it onto a CD. Last year we successfully funded our first album, Once Upon a Time in Space. This year we’d like to do the same for Ulysses Dies at Dawn – with your help. If you fancy you can assist by pre-ordering a copy of the CD for only 5 pounds – but there are also any number of interesting and unusual perks available, should you be willing to help us out still more! Want a pair of Jonny’s lucky dice to help you cheat your way to riches? How about reading Marius’s journals in which he attempts to psychoanalyse the crew? Or even, if you really want, the chance to create a small part of the Mechanisms universe and hear it immortalised in song…?

If any of this interests you, please shimmy over here and have a little look. We’re looking to raise £1,000 as a bare minimum, but anything over that will definitely help to shape the album into a more perfect beast – so anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

We’ll be publicising this more widely after the gig, but for now we’re only mentioning it in whispers and mailing lists. Feel privileged.

Other Appearances

The Mechanisms will also be popping their heads over the parapets at the following events in the near future, so if you’re anywhere nearby at the time then do come and join us.

We will be playing at the 4th birthday of the VAUDEVILLE RAVE on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16TH, at CARBON in OXFORD. We won’t be on the main stage, but keep an eye on the side stage alcoves and we should be there, telling stories. Like we do. The Vaudeville Rave is always a fascinating night, full of wondrous acts. If you like the Mechanisms, I can’t think of a night more suited for you – electro swing, live Orleans jazz, steampunk graffiti and fire art… For more information look here, and you can book tickets here.

On FRIDAY MARCH 22ND we’ll be playing at the TROUBADOURS acoustic night at the ISIS FARMHOUSE in OXFORD. We’ll let you know more nearer the time.

On SATURDAY APRIL 13TH we’ll be playing at a “Spring Folk Special”. More information nearer the time.

And we’ll hopefully be playing at the CHARLBURY RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL on the 27TH-28TH JULY. It’s a free festival with a great atmosphere, so when we’ve confirmed it and know when we’ll be on, we’ll let you know.

Finally, of course, we’ll be taking Ulysses Dies at Dawn to the EDINBURGH FRINGE this AUGUST.

So now you know all of our plans, you have no excuse. If you should happen to decide not to run away it is entirely not our fault if you happen to be in the way of our cannons. Or alternatively, if you end up in the way of our amplifiers and speakers. You have been warned.

Other Business

That’s pretty much all. The only other item of business is an odd message received from the planet of Cyberia, where, as some of you may know, our engineer Nastya Rasputina vanished a few months ago. The message seems to be a story with very little connection to anything and little to no explanation, so do with it as you will. And look out for asteroids.

That’s all for now. Watch the skies for plummeting Cyberian battleships and we hope to see you all soon.

(That was as much a threat as a pleasantry. Just so there’s no confusion.)

~The Mechanisms

*n.b. Nor is Ivy, but since she remembers pretty much every scrap of information she comes across the orderly and sensible information is in there, somewhere. The others just take completely random samples. In the final analysis no one actually researches these stories before we write them anyway. The Mechanisms are the epitome of the Unreliable Narrator.

Ulysses Dies at dawn.

by The Mechanisms

Greetings, stowaways!

We have been busy the last few months, and as so have a completely new story ready for you! If you want to hear its debut, come down to the Cellar in Oxford at 7:00.

In order to raise the money to record and print the album, we’ll be once again doing an Indiegogo fundraiser – you can get your hands on some nifty stuff at various amounts of contribution, including some limited edition, so head on over and see what takes your fancy!

Drumbot Brian.x

The Cellar, Oxford, 09.02.2013

by nastyarasputina

On Saturday February 9th, 2013, join us for a Steampunk themed evening of music in The Cellar, Oxford.

Acts include:

-The Mechanisms-

Everyone’s favourite band of musical storytelling space pirates are back, and will be debuting their new story set, entitled “Ulysses Dies At Dawn”; stay tuned for more information, and pre-orders in the form of an Indiegogo fundraiser.


Pocketwatch consists of guitarist Nadia Walsh, banjolier Will Segerman and cellist Emma Butterworth, who combine their vocal and instrumental talents to conjure up dark orchestral sounds with a folky and sometimes humourous twist. 

Soon to be releasing their first EP, check out their website for music, videos and more info:

Doors are at 7.00PM, with music starting by 7.30
Entry £5

Facebook page is here.

See you there!

Broadcast #1

by The Mechanisms

TRANSMISSION // 032::3834K::00003 // AURORA

Aurora’s Broadcast #1 – The Mechanisms update [01.2013 Terran]

Greetings, stowaways!

If you’d like to receive this update directly, please email us at and we’ll put you on the list. Probably the mailing list. Probably not Jonny’s hit list, but they have been confused in the past – you have been warned.

Anyway, news:

New “Once Upon a Time [in Space]” Fiction

We’ve got a grand total of seven new stories up on our website, spanning right up to the end of the story cycle (and a little bit beyond). You can access them from our Fiction page.

By Any Other Name – A collection of surviving artifacts documenting the Briar incident.
True Love – A report by Colonel Belle into the capture and deprogramming of Adam Bete AKA “The Beast”.
In the Army – Wherein an old Rose Red tells of their encounter with a singular individual.
This Little Piggy – A glimpse at Gepetto’s workshop, and how Little Pigs are made.
What Big Eyes – Concerning the agency working to apprehend the Red Hood.
One Thousand and Two – An account of Scheharezade’s life on the eve of her death.
Ever After – A short epilogue which allows that maybe there is a single happy ending to be had (sort of).

With this batch, we’re calling an effective end to official Once Upon a Time fiction. While there may be additional pieces posted up every now and again, the story is, for the most part, complete. We are now going to be focusing mainly on our next story cycle/set (see below).

Ulysses Dies at Dawn

We are currently in the latter stages of writing and rehearsing our next set. It is called “Ulysses Dies at Dawn” and will be debuted at our February gig (see below). It tells of the last days of Ulysses, a broken down old gumshoe in the hands of four sinister Suits: Heracles, Orpheus, Oedipus and Ariadne. Secrets, lies, immortality and the all-consuming embrace of the City. More information and the Indiegogo for the CD will be forthcoming next month, so keep you eyes and ears open for more.

Apocrypha Audio Readings

We’ve started to do some recordings of some of the fiction we’ve already got up on the site. We’re calling it Apocrypha, and the first two can be found on Youtube as of now.

Mirror, Mirror – The post-escape awakening of Snow, and the birth of General White
A Rebel Yell – An intercepted transmission from Outpost Rapunzal, hosted by Tommy Thumb himself.

We’re planning to do all the fiction this way eventually, and will be putting them up as and when they get done.

February Gig

No gigs in January, alas, but those of you around Oxford on Feb 9th (Greenwich Mean Time, Terran Standard Date) might find it worthwhile to drag your carcasses along to The Cellar in Oxford, where we shall be debuting the first incarnation of our next story arc “Ulysses Dies at Dawn”. It’ll still be a work in progress and rough around a few edges, but it should be worth hearing. We will be playing with another band, Pocketwatch (, a lovely steampunk banjo/guitar/cello trio, and hopefully a (yet to be announced) third band. Doors will open at 19:00, bands to start around 19:30. Admission will be £5. We hope to see everyone there.


We’ve cleaned up the Lyrics page on our website, every song of ours that has been performed should now have lyrics up and the spoken sections of Once Upon a Time have also been added.

Those of you still waiting for books from the OUaTiS Indiegogo are in luck, as they should be bound within the next few days. Apologies for the delay, we wanted to get all the apocrypha included. We hope you shall not be disappointed.

Well, that’s it for the inaugaral broadcast, look out for our next one in about a month, and until then, keep flying.

Love, hate and all points in between from,


Mailing List

by The Mechanisms

As you may be aware, Facebook has, in its ever-continuing march into obsolescence, decided to drastically reduce the reach of Pages unless they pay to promote their posts. We need that money to buy oil with which to bribe the spiders that maintain our solar sails into cooperation. Therefore, we’ve set up an alternate, more reliable means of contacting you.

If you’d like to join our mailing list, send us an e-mail at (naturally, we will go so far as sacrificing half our lives and the Toy Soldier to prevent your information from being passed on to hands less reputable than our own).

We’ll be broadcasting updates on our expected locations, recent plans, latest music and most up-to-date bounty on something like a monthly basis. Soon, you may expect a last few oddities from our brief stay in the Cole Dominion; future updates in the new year may contain hints of what is to come in the deepest reaches of a dark city planet…

Do tune in. We would hate for you to be unprepared when we arrive on your little world.

Ode to Joy

by The Mechanisms

Delicious friends, Aurora has now been repaired and refuelled. We have already broken orbit and are making space for someplace far, far away – though the galactic police locked on to us before we could nuke your irritating planet into dust – our parting gift. You win some, you lose some.

We encourage you to keep tabs on us, though, so you can come and watch or run in horror (according to taste) next time we appear in your vicinity. Follow us here, where intriguing events upon the Aurora will soon unfold. Like our Facebook page, in order to hear news of the gigs we’ll be playing in the Autumn. Find our Bandcamp, if you want to listen to our stories once again while we’re gone.

Oh, and keep your lasgun close to hand if you think it will help.

The Mechanisms Get Stranded In Edinburgh

by The Mechanisms

After an overly lengthy series of orbital manoeuvres, and some new and exciting technical difficulties, the Aurora finally landed in Edinburgh mostly intact. And so the Mechanisms are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August, every night at 5.30 at WhyNot? (Venue 327 on George Street).

(Every night except Tuesdays. We’re still operating on Alpha Centauri’s six-day-week and couldn’t persuade the Toy Soldier that there are extra days on this planet. They just switch off for 24 hours to keep the time right.)

If you’re new here and want to know more, check out the various wonders upon this site. You can find our new album on Bandcamp (the music tab above) where you can download it for a minimal sum, or buy a CD for a little more. There’s other music there as well for your aural delight. If you’d like to keep tabs on us – so you know when we’re likely to be in town, in case you want to see us again or run for the hills – “liking” our Facebook page is the best place to start.

That is all. Don’t worry about switching out the light when you leave. Aurora will see to it.

The Brunswick, Brighton, 18.07.2012

by The Mechanisms

The crew of the Aurora will once again be joining in the mysterious rituals of The Cutlery Drawer upon the eighteenth day of the month of July of this Earth year, alongside their old friends (for want of a better word), the smashing feminist burlesque troupe Lashings of Ginger Beer and that dashing rogue CN Lester. If you’re in the vicinity, do drop by – I do believe nobody died last time. Some of us even had fun.